Allan D.

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Paid Media Specialist

Allan is a Paid Media Specialist at Inbound Back Office, bringing over 7 years of experience in digital advertising and various marketing disciplines. His expertise spans platforms like Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Google Analytics, ensuring clients achieve remarkable success.

After graduating in 2017 with a BBA in Finance from Florida International University, Allan embarked on his professional journey. Born and raised in sunny Miami, Florida, he possesses an innate understanding of local culture and business landscape, which enriches his marketing strategies with a personal touch.

Beyond his professional achievements, Allan has a genuine thirst for knowledge and enjoys exploring new skills. Currently, he's captivated by Japanese culture and has taken up the challenge of learning the Japanese language, fostering his lifelong fascination with this vibrant heritage.

In addition to his experience in paid media, Allan brings valuable expertise in marketing attribution and analytics to the table. He thrives in navigating complex data sets, extracting meaningful insights that inform data-driven decisions and optimize campaigns. Moreover, his comprehensive understanding of integrated marketing strategy empowers him to develop holistic approaches that align seamlessly with clients' business goals.

Allan blends his experience, educational background, and commitment to personal growth to excel as a Paid Media Strategist.


  • Paid Media
  • Marketing Attribution & Analytics
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy