Andrea T.

Image of Andrea T.

Administrative Assistant

Andrea is an Administrative Assistant at Inbound Back Office. She has a lot of experience with this as she has raised her 6 kids. Her life raising kids and working in administrative healthcare and elderly caregiving has made her very easy to work with, patient, kind, and professional. She has seen it all and has a great sense of humor about life and work. You can throw any problem or task at her and she'll figure out a way to fix it, solve it, organize it, or make it work and she'll do it with a smile and a joke. She is excited to work in an area to help make people's lives easier.

When she's not working she can be seen watercolor painting, reading, or exercising. She loves healthy living and healthy outlets for a busy life. Raised in southern California, she loves the beach and traveling anywhere there is saltwater. She loves spending time with her 6 children and encouraging them to do sports, dance, music, and get them off electronics!

She's ready to get to work and here to help assist in anything to make life easier for her clients!


  • Organization and schedule management
  • Listening to problems and finding a win-win solution
  • Feeding large amounts of people
  • Expert baby snuggler and time out giver