Bridget F.

Image of Bridget F.


Bridget is a Marketing Strategist for the Inbound Back Office team. With a background in engineering and marketing, she is up to finding the solution to any problem with a creative, comprehensive strategy. She loves to work alongside clients to help them reach success for their businesses.

Bridget graduated from Wright State University with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and a master’s degree in Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship. After deciding she didn’t want to be in the engineering world as an engineer, she spent the last 5 years working with technical, engineering, and manufacturing businesses on marketing and business development. She comes to IBO with 5 years of marketing and HubSpot experience. Bridget is certified in multiple areas of HubSpot and loves to learn new applications for all kinds of technology to help create efficiencies in businesses.

In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, and her two dogs. She loves to do home renovations, watch movies, and volunteer. One of her favorite organizations to work with is one where she teaches special needs students and young adults color guard and dance skills.


  • Problem solving
  • Marketing strategy
  • Implementing technology to gain efficiency
  • Talking about her 2 dogs: Monty and Moe