Cheri S.

Image of Cheri S.

Social Media & Digital Advertising Specialist

Cheri is a Digital Advertising Specialist for Inbound Back Office. Coming from a strong paid advertising background ranging from Pinterest to Programmatic, she has worked with a wide range of social platforms. Digital Marketing has numerous options and capabilities, and Cheri specializes in finding the right “match” to fit your companies’ needs.

Cheri grew up in, as they say, the “cornfields of Indiana”, but always found her happy place by the ocean. She has been living in South Florida for the last 10 years with her husband and the newest addition, her Goldendoodle, Wally.

Living in South Florida is great for ocean activities, and when Cheri is not helping her clients dominate the online marketplace you can find her in a kayak or snorkeling. Her most expensive hobby is watching HGTV and then trying to convince her husband to DIY house projects with her - some projects have worked out, while others… have turned into learning experiences.


  • Dancing to throwback hits in her car (at red lights of course)
  • Fixing everything with coconut oil or super glue depending on the situation
  • Matchmaking Companies with Social Networks
  • Finding resources/solutions for problems through mentorships, podcasts, or research