Christa L.

Image of Christa L.

Paid Media Specialist

Christa is a Paid Media Specialist for Inbound Back Office. She deals with digital ads for clients. She is incredibly excited to be a part of IBO where professionalism and passion are mixed with respect and flexibility.

Christa graduated in 2014 with a Bachelors in Public Relations/Marketing and consequently went for her Masters in Strategic Communications from The University of Tennessee at Martin.

As she began working in the “real world” she realized quite quickly how having a young family was negatively viewed in the 9-5 workplace. In 2021, Christa made a decision for her family that remote work was what she would obtain so she could fulfill every role that she wanted to.

Christa LOVES her family dearly. She has been married to her husband for six years and has two baby girls (5&3). She is a big sports fan (Vikings & Volunteers) and aspires to be more each and every day. She’s ready for whatever the day brings, and may be armed with a joke and a sweater.


• Cheerleader for all (if you have good news let’s celebrate)

• Avid “The Office” fan

• Strategy (where there’s a need there is a creative way)

• People Person (Loves chatting and building relationships)