Danielle R.

Image of Danielle R.

Website Development Assistant Lead

Danielle is a visually trained, frontend web developer, and wannabe horticulturist. As a wimpy 17-year-old, she moved from her home city, the almost always sunny Los Angeles, California, to go to college in the almost always cloudy Rochester, New York where she studied photojournalism, and advertising design (mom forgot to mention that seeing the world would include winters where 17ºF is normal.)

After graduation, she begrudgingly moved to NYC because that was where work and friends were. After working a few years as a retoucher and digital imaging specialist, she got her break as a fashion photographer. Upon realizing she needed an online portfolio, she decided to build one herself and realized that code is wicked cool and stuck with it.

Extended goals are to visit all 30 baseball stadiums (she's only seen 11 so far) and take a direct flight to New Zealand (she took one to Taipei a few years ago and 15.5 hours isn’t so bad.) Her second act in life is to be a horticultural botanist because plant science is awesome.


  • Deciphering strange code
  • Stealth photography
  • Making fancy desserts
  • Growing weird plants from seeds