Estee G.

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Social Media Specialist

Estee is a Social Media & Digital Advertising Specialist at IBO. She discovered her passion for Digital Advertising while sitting in the Boston airport awaiting a (delayed) connecting flight to Thailand where she was going to vacation for a few weeks. While surfing the internet trying to figure out a way to pay for her grand adventure, she came across the career of Digital Advertising, and as they say, the rest is history. Upon her return to the States, (where internet browsing was more reasonable), Estee taught herself & obtained both Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certification, and then continued on to learn the jungle that is Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Ads.

Estee loves all animals, chocolate cake, warm weather, and traveling.


  • Being able to keep up with 4 different Soap Operas without ever watching them
  • Doing all the cool things that wow clients
  • Knowing the difference between a name brand and off-brand breakfast cereal without seeing the box
  • Arm Knitting blankets (it's an easier style of knitting)