Jasmine G.

Image of Jasmine G.

Digital Advertising Specialist

Jasmine Griffin is a digital marketer with 8 years of digital marketing experience. She specializes in pay-per-click for social media, Connected TV, Google Ads, and other platforms.

Griffin holds a bachelor's degree from The University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a focus in physical user experience and retail packaging. She parlayed these unique skills into the digital marketing sphere where she helps to create dynamic ad strategies for clients. Jasmine believes in the concept of quality marketing that helps solve problems for customers.

Griffin is also a talented graphic artist. She helps to create visual cohesiveness for clients across various platforms with ads, banners, videos, branding, and more.

When she isn’t helping digital marketing clients grow their company, she likes spending her time shopping, being creative, painting, and making candles.


  • making fresh creative ads and copy
  • finding the perfect song to perfectly fit any situation
  • the best impromptu smartphone photographer for all my friends’ social media needs