Kassi W.

Image of Kassi W.

HubSpot Production Specialist

Kassi is a HubSpot Production Specialist at Inbound Back Office. She has a diverse background that includes agency B2B marketing coupled with specific eCommerce corporate experience with a B2C focus.

You can call her a swiss army knife. One of her biggest strengths is the ability to multitask. She understands the need to be efficient and to execute but to also question the "why."

She has been working in HubSpot for 6+ years, used to run a HubSpot User Group, and HubSpot stock was the first she ever purchased. Needless to say - she believes in it.

Kassi also has a very active creative side and in addition to her HubSpot prowess, and has co-founded an interior design business with her sister-in-law.

Whether it's creating a workflow or picking the perfect paint color, Kassi can help!


  • Strategy
  • Problem Solving
  • Organization & Process Improvement
  • Lists. (I make lists for my lists.)