Kate U.

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HubSpot Maintenance Specialist

Kate is one of the HubSpot marketing experts at IBO. Ask her anything - well, most anything, and she'll get you an answer. She's been working in and around HubSpot for about six years now and is well known by the HubSpot support staff in Cambridge and Dublin as the person who strives to make them laugh at least once during a call.

Kate's career spans the gamut from magazine circulation director to real estate appraiser to owner of her own dog walking business to years on both the client side and agency side of B2B marketing. She went to UCONN's School of Business at night for her MBA, and considers herself a constant learner. Her current goal is to have every single HubSpot certification (only 3 shy of goal!).


  • Spotting typos in copy (it's a gift and a curse)
  • Promotional content writer
  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Advice of all sorts (ask me about chocolate chip cookie recipe hacks)