Image of KB H.

Content Writer

KB is a Content Writer for Inbound Back Office. As such, she's a professional wordsmith, and she produces top-quality content for IBO's outstanding clients! Forever an English major at heart, KB is a total word-nerd, and she loves producing thoughtful, eloquent, and creative pieces in a variety of styles and voices.

Growing up, KB's dream was to be Nancy Drew. When she realized that becoming her favorite literary heroine was a little outside the realm of possibility, KB decided to channel her love of reading and writing into a career as a copywriter. Today, she's excited to be part of the IBO team!

An Atlanta native, KB recently moved to Birmingham, AL to enjoy living close to friends and her favorite library. And outside of business hours, KB is most likely on her indoor bicycle or in her favorite chair enjoying one of her many favorite movies! (Ask her about her Top 13 list sometime — it's very well thought-out!) She's also a dedicated turtle-mom to Chuck, an avid fan of The Amazing Race, and an excellent taco chef.


  • Speaking fluent movie quotes
  • Writing and communicating complex ideas clearly
  • Folding fitted sheets
  • Painting her nails without making a mess