Mariah O.

Image of Mariah O.

Social Media & Digital Advertising Specialist

Mariah is Digital Ads and Social Media Specialist at Inbound Back Office. She is excited to join the team because the team is bigger than what she’s used to. Mariah is really looking forward to collaborating with more marketing professionals with different skills than her own!

After growing up as a military child and moving around a lot, Mariah decided to return home to Indiana to attend Ball State University for her Bachelor’s degree in Advertising.

Later after graduating from Ball State, she took a job with a golf company called Teesnap, executing website support, email, and social media for golf courses all around the United States. Mariah couldn’t stay away from school too long and decided to go back to get her master’s degree in Public Relations at Indiana University-Purdue University. She has recently graduated from IUPUI, and still resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. In the future, Mariah wants to move somewhere else, but she is having a hard time choosing where! If you have any suggestions, please reach out to her.

Mariah loves to travel and try new restaurants. Her favorite place she’s been is Bali, Indonesia because other than it being beautiful, she loved the hospitality. However, her dream vacation would be Santorini or Fiji. Her favorite food is sushi or good ole fashion steak and potatoes.


  • Social Media Content and Strategy
  • Drinking a lot of coffee
  • Being a good shoulder to cry on
  • Planning vacations