Matt L.

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Amazon Store Maintenance Specialist

Matt is the Amazon Store Maintenance Specialist for Inbound Back Office. His goal is to help you succeed on the most powerful E-Commerce platform known to man. If you have a question about Amazon, then it’s possible he has just the answer you need!

Having experience in entrepreneurship, strategy, marketing, finance/accounting, manufacturing, and sourcing, I pride myself in being knowledgeable about all the areas required to run a successful Amazon business!

Matt’s passion is helping brands find their way into the hands of customers that want them the most! His belief is that there will always be demand for exceptional products that make customers happy! Before coming to IBO, Matt scaled his own private label Amazon business to experience the trials, tribulations, and successes that come with being an entrepreneur!

If you have a product and need to harness the incredible power of Amazon, then Matt’s the guy you need!


· Amazon Strategy

· Listing Optimization & Maintenance

· Keyword Research/SEO & PPC Advertising

· Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

· Sports Talk (I looooove sports, let’s talk!!)