Megan L.

Image of Megan L.

Social Media Assistant Lead

Megan is an experienced social media specialist with a B.A. in Public Relations from Rhode Island College. Raised in Massachusetts, she has also lived in RI, NJ, FL. Megan also spends a lot of time in her husband’s home country of England and hopes to have the chance to travel abroad again soon.

She has many interests and is never bored. Her primary passion is music -- mostly metal, post-punk, and lots of 80s stuff. She enjoys attempting to play guitar, keyboard, and nerding out over synthesizers. She also LOVES dogs and encourages you to show her your pets. Megan also enjoys DIY projects, baseball (go Sox!), killing plants, and Larry David - who, coincidentally, is her idol. 


  • Being the loudest person in the room
  • Dog petting
  • Making unnecessary lists