Meredith B.

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Content Writer

Meredith is a content writer at IBO. Currently located, and one of a few who are truly from Atlanta, Meredith received her BA in Writing (yes, that is an actual degree) in 2005. Her specialty is nonfiction essay, but throughout the years, she has used her writing for leadership development training manuals, radio marketing, web content design/strategy, and SEO. In the middle of that, she started her own handmade jewelry business, but then sold it because she adopted her daughter….the baby to two older brothers. After staying home for a few years to keep life livable for a family, Meredith is now excited to join the Inbound Back Office team in 2021!

Meredith is excited to use her degree exclusively for writing! On the side, Meredith enjoys her three dogs and three kids, self-taught home improvement projects, climbing, and any and all comic-book movies and shows as well as PBS period pieces. Also water--beaches, lakes, waterfalls, the Chattahoochee river--inspires a deep sense of calm amongst the young, high-energy life forms that surround her.


  • Editing master
  • Rephrasing language to better suit a client’s own voice
  • Content creation, strategy, and development
  • Engaging three dogs and three kids all at the same time and fitting them all in the backseat of a car.
  • Flipping houses