Michelle Antoine

Image of Michelle Antoine

Team Operations & HR Manager

Michelle is the Team Operations & HR Manager for Inbound Back Office. What does that mean exactly? Come to her if you have a problem, just want to talk something out, discuss your career goals, or whatever you need to get off your chest. She is happy and excited to work in an area where she will be able to support the IBO team along their journey to help them meet their professional goals.

In a former life, Michelle worked in the banking industry for 13 years while deciding what she wanted to be when she grew up. After deciding numbers weren't really her thing, she chose to get her Bachelors's Degree in Communication Studies from Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis and then use that to learn what she could about all things marketing. 

Michelle LOVES to travel and often gets teased that she's a pro vacationer. Her favorite place to go is Hawaii! Kauai specifically, it's her happy place! When not traveling to fun places you'll find that she's a fandom geek. Her favorites include but are not limited to Harry Potter, Star Trek TNG, Game of Thrones, and all things Disney. She's animal crazy and hopes to one day live in a world where it is socially acceptable to bring your cat everywhere with you. A Hoosier at heart, and a fairly recent Oregon transplant, Michelle is happy to bring her knowledge to the Pacific Northwest while still providing that Hoosier hospitality to everyone she meets. She's here, and ready, to help you along the way. 


  • Telling the BEST (or worst depending on how you look at it) Dad Jokes
  • Listening and helping people meet their goals
  • Solid Pop Culture Trivia Skills
  • Professional Cat Snugger