Mitchell B.

Image of Mitchell B.

Social Media Specialist

Through rigorous research of social media trends and a mastery of the art of communication, Mitchell excels at knowing, or figuring out, exactly what will help a brand out most on the internet! After a short-lived stint in Mechanical Engineering freshman year of college, Mitchell took his love of making cool things as well-known as they can into the marketing world! Mitchell has a B.S in Marketing from Grove City College, and multiple certifications from Google and Hubspot (Inbound, Digital Advertising, SEO).

Mitchell gained social media expertise during his work with local Greensboro, North Carolina small businesses, building communities even in very tight niches like the WordPress space, Flooring business, and private Chaplaincy space.

In his free time, Mitchell loves helping out with a local high school mentoring program, checking out local museums, playing a good game (pretty much anything from sports to video games to board games, he's really not that picky), loudly analyzing critiquing each and every ad he sees on TV, and finding the latest memes!


  • Making well-researched, data, and trend-driven social media posts and strategies.
  • Learning!
  • Consistently being the second-best singer in every room he’s in.
  • Knowing everything about the gaming (sports, video games, card games, etc.) world.
  • Making spicy mayo.