Neilia B.

Image of Neilia B.

Neilia is a content writer at IBO. Originally a native of Chicago, Neilia moved to Los Angeles in 1998 with her improv company, got a national commercial, met her husband, started her own business, had a baby and returned to the Midwest in late 2013. (Not all in the same week, but those are the 15-year highlights.) Neilia was delighted to join the Inbound Back Office team of superheroes in 2017.

In an alternate universe, Neilia is an accountant (see start-up business above), and while she quite enjoys crunching numbers, she is thrilled (and relieved) to be using her left brain in a professional capacity again. When not committing acts of career schizophrenia, Neilia thoroughly enjoys being a wife and mom, and baking bread.


  • Improv
  • Baking Bread
  • Writing Awesome Content