Reiko C.

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Graphic Designer

Reiko is a branding and marketing communications creative that is adept at developing strong targeted solutions and messages. Renowned for her creative strength, detailed production, and exemplary execution. Lives and works in Los Angeles and Atlanta. Specializes in traditional and digital marketing solutions.

Reiko's strengths encompass an ability to adapt graciously in varied work environments and build healthy relationships while implementing the skills she has garnered in her creative and professional life. She brings diverse experience to any project and organization. Her body of work is comprised of corporate communications to business start-ups, not-for-profit groups, and the entertainment industry encompassing film, tv, fashion, interiors, and music. With a comfortable leadership style, she is thoughtful and undergirds her colleagues and clients. It has been a profound and diverse creative journey as she collaborates with groups and individuals that own extraordinary vision.


  • Creative Sessions
  • Passion for Fashion
  • Interior Design
  • Caramel Connoisseur