Rianne C.

Image of Rianne C.

Social Media Specialist

Rianne is a Social Media Specialist at Inbound Back Office. She became a specialist by accident, gaining expertise in the school of life while running a six-figure business that she sold in 2019. Since then, she has helped micro-businesses with their social media marketing and volunteers for a domestic violence shelter raising awareness and creating social media for their biggest annual fundraiser.

While a Pacific Northwesterner at heart, #GoHawks, Rianne currently resides in Wichita, Kansas after a short (12 year) detour in the panhandle of Florida. She is a uni-parent to a kid and a cat, so her days are filled with the constant demands for treats and food. She loves finding adventure with the kid, the cat doesn’t appreciate it so he gets left home, and loves to explore whether it’s in our backyard, across the nation, or across the globe.

Rianne believes in the Oxford comma, creating her own joy, and feeling gratitude deeply.


  • Cupcake baking
  • Giving people space to just be
  • Finding legos left on the floor
  • Folding a fitted sheet