Rod K.

Image of Rod K.

Website Support & Video Specialist

Rod has broad experience in the design and development of Joomla and WordPress content management systems (CMS) – hence why he is now a Website Technician here at IBO. He also brings 25 years of advertising and marketing experience to IBO and its clientele.

They say, “Once a Marine, always a Marine,” this is true for most who have served, and Rod is proud to have served as said Marine. He started a graphic design career five years after his military stint and still maintains this right-brained bio-mess. The left side did not show its face until the possibility of a graphic designer developing websites through a CMS named Mambo (split into a Joomla CMS) came to life. Since then, he has been designing and developing within multimedia for various agencies.

He enjoys a good round of golf (only if he breaks 100 or maybe 80, ha) or a nice day of riding his road bike a few miles.


  • Design and development
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Microsoft 365
  • The best grandpa ever