Stephanie E.

Image of Stephanie E.

Project Manager

Stephanie is a creative project manager for Inbound Back Office who loves to find new and innovative ways to simplify processes.

Attention to detail and relentless work ethic are the qualities that make up her life. She also lives for the challenge of problem solving and seeks to exceed expectations in everything she does.

She and her husband have four children that range from ages 7-16. In the past, she chose to educate them at home for 11 years. Because of her love for learning, she recently went back to school to get her Associates's Degree in Marketing at Greenville Technical College. She is currently working on reading lots of books to help feed her desire to learn.

She loves to run as a hobby. She ran a 5k, half marathon, and a full marathon. She continues to run to this day, but she loves the 5k distance the best. She is probably considered the slowest runner for her age, but continues to run despite the fact that she is a slow runner.


  • Planning and organizing 
  • Customer Service 
  • Communication 
  • Running very slowly