Vince T.

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Social Media Specialist

Vince is the Social Media Lead at Inbound Back Office. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies. Over the last six years, Vince has progressed from small business freelance work to a director's position at a small agency.  Regardless of the role, he has learned that you can never stop learning in social media marketing.

Vince grew up in Florida but still loves to visit family in his state of birth, California. He likes to surf, golf, play/listen to music, and still hangs out with a large group of childhood friends. But hobbies and close friends still come after spending time with his awesome wife, active kids, and the true baby of the family ...his Olde English Bulldogge.


  • Social media marketing strategy
  • A creative eye and analytical mind
  • Turning leftovers into tacos
  • Filming slo-mo videos of my dog catching toys