Yulia D.

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SEO Specialist

Growing up in a small, truly Northern city, Yulia learned early that you can teach yourself anything - speak a foreign language, cook, knit, skate, and use any software you want. Her ability to work hard on her own and focus on the important information at hand, helped her later on in life while getting her Master’s Degrees in Physics and Public Relations.

Yulia’s constant need for learning helped her to acquire a unique set of digital marketing skills and made her a successful Inbound Marketing consultant. You can do things better if you are passionate about them. Yulia's passion for Webdesign, SEO, and creating digital ads secured her success as an independent consultant. Yulia has been working with small to medium size businesses assisting them to get noticed in the noisy digital marketing world and thrive. Yulia’s Webdesign, SEO,  and digital advertising skills helped many businesses to prosper.


  • Wordpress Webdesign (Divi theme)
  • Everything SEO Obsessed
  • Digital Advertising  Pro
  • Love Historical Fiction🏹