Amy Foley

Image of Amy Foley

Amy started her entrepreneurial journey in 2011 when she left her corporate job to have more flexibility and time with her family and started a small Virtual Assistant business. The business evolved (with the help of her co-founder, Michael Reynolds) into what is now known as Inbound Back Office, which provides back-office support to marketing agencies.

Amy has over 20 years of administrative experience in various industries, including manufacturing, real estate, accounting, marketing, SaaS, and more. She has a BA in Business Administration and a Masters in Information Systems. When she’s not running her business, she enjoys spending time with her family, running, traveling, and optimizing her health.


  • Mad suitcase packing skills
  • Golden Girls Trivia
  • Helping people start their own Virtual Assistant businesses
  • Professional biohacking experimenter
  • Money Management
  • Sales