E236: Demystifying Online Marketing & Analytics (Chris Mercer - MeasurementMarketing.io)

Have you tried analyzing analytics for your clients and feel like you are overcomplicating it? Mastering analytics comes down to two things: Listening and Responding.

In this episode, we speak with Chris Mercer, Co-Founder of MeasurementMarketing.io about Demystifying Online Marketing and Analytics. Chris dives into not just what analytics you need to be measuring but how to approach analytics and what tools to use to get started and scale.

Chris talks about:

  • The big misstep most marketers make
  • How to listen to your customers online
  • A framework for using analytics effectively
  • Mindset shifts for how to look at analytics

Chris can be found speaking at conferences and events, such as Traffic & Conversion, Social Media Marketing World, Content Jam, TravelCon, Digital Elite Camp, Baby Bathwater Institute, and others.

You can find MeasurementMarketing.io and get tools and resources at

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