E239: The Enneagram and Conflict Resolution (Andy Lamb - BatLamb Branding Co)

Have you ever had a client or employee completely shut down or get really angry with you about a situation and you had no idea why?

It happens more often than it should but often times it is a miscommunication of goals and expectations. Then our personalities and past experiences come into play and cast a lens on the situation and how we all respond. Our motivators then take over as we try to navigate that conflict.

Wouldn't it be helpful if we knew what motivated people? What if we knew how to get the best out of our team and set them up for success? What if we could figure out how to deescalate a situation by understanding how the other person saw things?

In today's podcast episode, we speak with Andy Lamb, founder of BatLamb Co, about the Enneagram and how to use it for conflict resolution as well as setting up our employees for success. 

Andy talks about:

  • What the enneagram is
  • How to use the enneagram to improve company culture
  • Why knowing people's motivators is important for good communication
  • How to resolve conflict by listening more

Here is Andy's favorite test:  https://www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/dotest

Here are the two books Andy recommends to get started:

You can also find Andy at BatlambBrandingCo.com as well as LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/batlambbrandingco/.

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