E241: How Seniors Can Thrive Working for Your Marketing Agency (Dawn Williams - The Research Departments)

Everyone has something they can bring to the table.

Senior generations are great at strategy, cold calling, and building relationships in person.

Younger generations are technologically advanced and have technical skills.

The sweet spot is to bridge the gap, capitalize on each other's strengths and not just assume that older employees don't want to work or can't keep up.

In today's podcast, Dawn Williams from The Research Departments shares how seniors can thrive working in your marketing agency.

We talk about:

  • How empathy goes a long way
  • Expertise older generations have that younger ones may not and how they can help each other
  • Why hiring seniors and keeping mature employees will help your agency and them individually
  • Resources to help teach skills to seniors

You can find Dawn at http://www.theresearchdepartments.com/ and the courses at https://linktr.ee/Technologyforseniors 

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