E242: The Importance of Knowing How Much It Costs You to Get a New Customer (JJ Reynolds - MediAuthentic)

In business, you need to know how much ROI you are getting from the money you spend especially when it comes to the cost of customer acquisition.

The goals dictate if the spend was worth it or not. If you want 5 new clients that will stick with you for 5 years, that may cost you more upfront than if you want 100 emails from anywhere just to show lead growth.

In today's episode JJ Reynolds, from MediAuthentic, breaks down how to set the right goals to help grow your business long term vs short term gains and how to determine which is right for your company. He highlights the importance of knowing how much it costs you to get a new customer and why lifetime value matters.

JJ explains:

  • Why you have to know where you've been and where you are going
  • Different ways to define a customer
  • The difference between types of customer you want and need
  • Defining success between volume and quality
  • How to discover the cost of a customer and the if it is worth it or not

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