E244: Best Practices in Optimizing Lead Conversion and Leadgen Marketing ROI for Your Clients (Dave Hansen - Client Tether)

As agency owners, it is imperative to know how to coach your clients to success. Using best practices for creating systems, using automation, and managing lead generation is key to not only making your clients successful but proving your worth as an agency and establishing expertise.

On today's podcast, we talk with Dave Hansen, the president of Client Tether, about best practices in optimizing lead conversion and lead gen marketing ROI for your clients. Dave has focused his personal and team efforts on strategic selling best practices for the past 14 years across several industries.

In this episode Dave talks about:

  • How to set up your clients to keep up with their lead flow
  • Coaching clients to understand the ROI and value of automation
  • Best practices for optimizing conversion rates and assessing what isn't working
  • The importance of systems and automation for validating your work

You can find Dave on LinkedIn or on his website at www.clienttether.com.

Here's a link to a webinar Dave recorded about the 4 dimensions of client engagement. It's a solid resource for agencies looking to share insights with their clients into how to effectively engage their leads to optimize conversion rates using multiple channels of communication.

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