E250: Practical Tips for Creating Killer Keynotes and Webinars (Thom Van Dycke)

Does your agency put out webinars on a regular basis? Do you use Keynotes as a lead generator? If not, you should consider it.

All marketing is good communication. If you are good at communicating through marketing, you can be good at public speaking with keynotes and webinars. And perhaps vice versa, as today's podcast guest discovered for himself.

On today's show, Thom Van Dycke talks about how he has used his 19 years of public speaking experience to create keynotes that have become successful lead generators for his marketing business. He had never done marketing before, but once he learned that he could use the same skills he had for public speaking, he started his marketing agency. Today, Thom dives into practical tips for creating killer keynotes and being an authentic presenter people can relate to.

In this episode, Thom talks about:

  • How to take good notes and capture ideas when they come
  • Prepping for a webinar/keynote
  • 3 keys to being authentic as a presenter
  • How to use keynotes as a lead generator

You can find Thom on his website www.thomvandycke.com

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