E251: Marketing for Introverts – How to Let Your Content Speak for You (LaTisha Styles - You've Got Clients)

Are you an introvert? Does making sales calls drain your energy?

As agency owners, we tend to have to get out of our comfort zones and do things that can drain us. However, you can create a process that helps ease that discomfort and sets you up for even more success.

On today's podcast, LaTisha Styles from You've Got Clients talks about how she took her sales process and used it to reverse engineered her marketing and create content so that she could have shorter and more effective sales calls that didn't drain her energy. We talk about Marketing for Introverts and How to Let Your Content Speak for You.

In this episode, LaTisha explains:

  • The difference in processes for introverts and extroverts
  • Her content creation process
  • How to capture the right clients
  • Setting up boundaries and expectations

LaTisha Styles is a marketing expert and mentor to high-achievers. She helps entrepreneurs shift subconscious blocks, so they can raise their rates and gain the confidence they need to create massive profits.

She is an Online Marketing Certified Professional®, Psych-K® Facilitator, and the Founder & CEO of You’ve Got Clients®.

An avid creator, she produces content-rich videos on marketing for service-based business owners. LaTisha is a wife, mother, left-handed Gemini, outgoing introvert, and fitness enthusiast.

Her work has been featured in notable publications, including Forbes, Fast Company, and Business Insider.

You can find LaTisha on her website and social channels

Website: YouveGotClients.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/LaTishaTV

YouTube: YouTube.com/LaTishaStyles

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