E254 - How Agencies Can Offer Social Media Marketing Services to Scale Their Business (Tami Enfield - Brand Yourself)

People often think the lower-paying clients are the most difficult to work with. What if that isn't true?

Newer and smaller businesses aren't as stuck in their ways and oftentimes are more willing to learn. They take action on what they learn because the buck stops with them.

On today's show, Tami Enfield from Brand Yourself talks about how agencies can offer low-level social media marketing services to scale their business. She has found success in her passion for helping little businesses succeed.

In this episode, Tami talks about:

  • How to scale your agency with low-level social media offers
  • Unique ideas she has incorporated to become successful
  • The benefits of helping small businesses

You can find Tami on her website www.brandyourselfconsulting.com or on Instagram: @tamienfield and @brand_yourself.

Here is the link to CloudCampaign.

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