E255 - Consistency is Key - Especially when Blending Marketing Tactics (Amber Gaige - Saber Marketing Group)

In any area in life, consistency breeds success. However, as agency owners, we do not always stay consistent with our marketing strategies, offerings, and clients we serve.

If you can focus on creating a clear and consistent offering, you create confidence in your clients and your team.

On today's show, Amber Gaige from Saber Marketing Group talks about why Consistency is Key, especially when blending different parts of marketing. Over the past 15 years, Amber has served as a marketing executive and consultant for businesses in diverse industries, including Home Services, Construction, Software as a Service, Beauty, Health, Home Building, and Manufacturing.

In this episode, Amber talks about:

  • 4 Pillars of Marketing
  • Creating a consistent marketing roadmap for clients
  • How to align marketing tactics to reach your client's goals
  • Consistency Creates Confidence

You can find Amber on her website www.SaberMarketingGroup.com

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