E256: From Agency Start Up to Growth to Sale of the Agency (Christina Hooper - Sparkitive, LLC)

A lot of agency owners become the bottleneck to the growth and sale of their agency. When you are the face of the agency and the main funnel for business, you make the agency's success reliant on you.

However, if you prepare with the end in mind, you'll do things differently.

On today's show, Christina Hooper from Sparkitive, LLC talks about how to move from Agency Start Up to Growth to Sale of the Agency. She talks about reverse engineering your success without getting trapped as the bottleneck.

In this episode, Christina talks about:

  • How to get yourself out of the way
  • Why you need to have an end goal of selling your agency
  • The stages of getting your agency ready to sell
  • Setting up your personal brand

You can find Christina on her website: https://christinahooper.com

and you can grab the replay of her Slaying Dragons with Presentations at https://sparkitive.com/dragon-slides/

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