E258: When Messaging Goes Wrong and How To Get It Back On Track (Jonny Holsten - South Mountain Messaging)

There is a lot of emphasis on messaging regarding marketing these days. However, most people just try to create messaging based on assumptions of what they think their clients and customers "would" say. That can take your messaging off track to what truly connects to your audience.

On today's show, Jonny Holsten, a StoryBrand Guide, speaks about When Messaging Goes Wrong and How To Get It Back On Track. 

In this episode, Jonny talks about:

  • Why you need to interview your client's clients and your sales team when creating messaging
  • Why you need someone else to write your messaging
  • How to properly talk about "yourself" in your messaging
  • Ways to find authority in your past skills
  • The importance of having a controlling idea in your marketing

You can find Jonny on his website https://www.jonnyholsten.com/ and on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonnyholsten/

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