E260 - How to Use Instagram & TikTok for Sales (Corey Walker - The Marketing Specialist)

Have you or a client said, "I'm never going to dance on Instagram reels or TikTok," and asked to do a social post for your agency or your clients?

It's true! Most of us do not want to dance on reels to sell our products. However, there are amazing ways to use Instagram Reels and TikTok videos to gain brand awareness and sell products and services.

On today's show, we get the honor of speaking with Corey Walker who is the co-author of Instagram for Dummies, and Instagram for Business for Dummies, a how-to guide for using Instagram to market your business. She is also the owner of The Marketing Specialist, a digital marketing agency in El Dorado Hills, California. Corey works with several clients to produce social media strategies, including creating graphics and written content, advising on video, scheduling content, buying ads, and tracking analytics. She loves helping businesses achieve success in the online world!

In this episode, Corey talks about:

  • How to use Instagram reels for business
  • Easy and quick ways to create content
  • Things a business should avoid doing on social media
  • Details about her latest book and how she got started with the Dummies brand.

You can find Corey on her website www.themarketingspecialist.com and check her resources below!

How to Create Reels That Convert e-book:

Check Out Corey's Books on Amazon
Instagram for Dummies, 2nd edition:
Available for pre-order now, releases December 8

Instagram for Dummies
Instagram for Business for Dummies

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