E261 - SEO and E-comerce (AJ Saunders - AJS Digital Group)

More often than not, it is the little things that lead to success. However, when you spend so much time every day doing the little things that aren't always fun, it can feel overwhelming. That is why systemizing what you repeatedly do with templates can save you time while still executing the little things well.

On today's show, AJ Saunders of AJS Digital Group talks about how to systemize SEO for e-commerce sites so you can beat your competitors. It is very likely that your competitors have stopped doing all the little things that make the biggest difference. This is an area you can win over time with consistency.

In this episode, AJ talks about:

  • Ways to systemize to scale SEO strategies
  • Retention strategies for e-commerce
  • Re-marketing tactics
  • Simple things that you can do today to make a big impact

You can find AJ on his website https://www.ajsdigitalgroup.com/ and LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aj-saunders-seo/

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/a_j_saunders/

Check out the following resources:

The blog: https://www.ajsdigitalgroup.com/articles/

Our VIP session: https://www.ajsdigitalgroup.com/digital-marketing-vip-session/

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