E262 - How Creative Agencies Can Prepare for and Weather a Potential Recession (Ryan Watson - Upsourced Accounting)

A recession may or may not be looming, but it is always good to set your agency up for success no matter what the economy is doing.

Today on our podcast, Ryan Watson, partner at Upsourced Accounting, talks to us about how creative agencies can prepare for and weather a potential recession.

In this episode, Ryan talks about:

  • What risk factors should your agency be looking at
  • How to assess your risks and what to do about it
  • Why planning now will save you later when having to make tough decisions
  • Financial strategies to succeed

You can find Ryan on his website www.upsourcedaccounting.com, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Upsourced LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/upsourced-accounting/

Be sure to check out his resource below!

  • 19 question diagnostic - "Are You Recession Ready?" At the end of the diagnostic, we give you a score and link to our recession survival guide. Here's the link to the diagnostic: https://bit.ly/3zeB6nK

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