E264 - Why Agency Owners Need to be Thinking About Ecommerce in 2023 (Courtney Olson - StoryGrowers)

In the past two years, so much has changed in the business and marketing landscape, and there's no slowing down. More and more people are staying home, shopping online, and rarely set foot in a store or office.

That is why our podcast guest today, Courtney Olson from StoryGrowers, talks about Why Agency Owners Need to be Thinking About Ecommerce in 2023.

Courtney Olson is a 4X-published author with Entrepreneur Press (of Entrepreneur Media/magazine) distributed by McGraw-Hill. She's a Certified StoryBrand Guide, a Shopify Partner & Affiliate, and has owned digital marketing agencies for 14 years.

On today's episode, Courtney covers:

  • Why you need to productize your and your client's businesses
  • How to get started with Ecommerce for your clients
  • The preferred platform to use
  • How offering Ecommerce solutions can grow your agency in any climate

Find Courtney at StoryGrowers.com or https://marketingmadesimple.com/Courtney-Olson-StoryGrowers-Colorado-StoryBrand-Guide, and email her at Hello@StoryGrowers.com

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