E267 - Marketing Agencies Do Terrible Marketing For Themselves (Ryan Gunn - Aptitude 8)

With good intentions, most agencies will say, “we treat ourselves like a client” when it comes to marketing themselves. However, how many actually give their own marketing the time, resources, and attention that is given to an actual client?

On our podcast today, Ryan Gunn from Aptitude 8 talks about why agencies do terrible marketing for themselves and how to fix it. In nearly a decade of experience working at and with marketing agencies, he’s observed that they do amazing work for clients, but often struggle to do the same for themselves.

In this episode, Ryan covers:

  • What are the root causes of poor agency marketing
  • How to leverage current economic times to become the thought leader in 2023
  • Steps for doing great marketing for your own agency

Find Ryan on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanagunn/ and check out Aptitude 8 at https://aptitude8.com/

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