E269 - Tactics Every Agency Owner and Marketing Coordinator Need to Get Measurable Results (Andy Buyting - Tulip Media Group)

Marketers often get caught in the numbers game of website visits, social media likes, and follows but forget what the reason for all of that is. If the phone isn't ringing, or the contact forms are getting filled out, none of those other measurements actually matter.

True effectiveness in marketing has to be measured against the overall goals of the business. If the two are not aligned, your marketing is essentially spinning its wheels, doing marketing work but not actually moving the business forward.

On our podcast today, Andy Buyting from Tulip Media Group talks about tactics every agency owner and marketing coordinator need to get measurable results in an easy and effective way.

In this episode, Andy covers:

  • Why you need to understand your client's overall business goals
  • Start with the end goals in mind to tailor your marketing strategy
  • How longer sales cycles present different marketing needs

Find Andy on LinkedIn, his website https://tulipmediagroup.com/ and visit TM.Media/DoubleSales to learn more about us, buy our book or book a free consultation with Andy or his co-author Jessica Embree.

Also, their book, "Double Sales / Zero Salespeople," is available on Amazon.

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