E273 - How Virtual Assistants Can Help Any Business (Ricardo Palacio - Palaciobox - Digital Marketing Agency)

Have you ever hired a virtual assistant?

Did you know virtual assistants can do more than just administrative work?

VAs come with many different skills and can help you with your marketing, administrative tasks, and so much more!

On our podcast today, we have Richard Palacio, owner of Palaciobox - Digital Marketing Agency, speaking to us about How Virtual Assistants can help any business.

In this episode, Richard covers:

  • What virtual assistants are
  • What jobs they typically do
  • The difference between freelancers and VAs
  • Why training is so important
  • How VAs can help you scale

Find Richard on his website: www.palaciobox.com and LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ricardopalacio1990/

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