E275 - Creating New Content Without Creating NEW Content (Cassondra Collins - Creatively Cassondra)

No one has extra time in the day to worry about creating new content to promote their agency. However, there are ways to have great content always out there without having to create something new all the time.

On today's podcast, we have Cassondra Collins, owner of Creatively Cassondra, talk to us about Creating New Content Without Creating NEW Content.

Cassondra is a Content Repurposing Expert. She offers content coaching and done-for-you services. She's worked with coaches in a wide variety of niches.

In this episode, Cassondra covers:

  • Why repurposing is important
  • Steps to repurposing content
  • Guidelines for launches vs. regular content
  • Why you should make this a priority in your agency

Find Cassondra on her website https://www.creativelycassondra.com or on social:

Grab her Free Content Repurposing Guide: https://mailchi.mp/creativelycassondra/repurposing

Connect with her directly for a connection call: https://tidycal.com/creatively-cassondra/consultation

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