E277 - How to Cut Implementation Time with Her New HubSpot Onboarding Playbook (Lindsey Framer - Responsive Inbound Marketing)

It's no secret that onboarding clients onto HubSpot is a massive undertaking, especially if they use all three hubs. There hasn't been a detailed step-by-step plan to do it successfully and quickly.

The quicker you onboard, the more clients you can take on.

Our podcast guest today, Lindsey Framer, owner of Responsive Inbound Marketing, shares with us how to cut the implementation time by more than half with her new HubSpot onboarding playbook.

Lindsey is a former Hubspot employee and current agency owner who took her years of experience and sat down for 7 months to create this playbook.

In this episode, Lindsey covers:

  • What prompted her to create this playbook
  • What the playbook includes
  • How to onboard more clients in less time

Find Lindsey on LinkedIn and her website.

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