E278 - How To Use Public Relations in Your Marketing Offerings (Ryan Gooding - Money Media Press)

Does your agency help clients with PR?

If you are an agency owner who deals mostly with local businesses, PR is a great option to help grow your client's reach through events and publications.

On today's podcast, Ryan Gooding from Money Media Press talks about How To Use Public Relations in Your Marketing Offerings.

Ryan has a background in sales and marketing. Seven years ago, he started his digital marketing & public relations agency. He's worked with agency owners, business owners, and individuals to develop solutions for their outreach goals and acquire business, customers, or leads for their business.

In this episode, Ryan covers:

  • When to use PR in your marketing
  • How PR fits into the paid advertising part of a campaign
  • How local businesses benefit from PR
  • Why PR provides a unique opportunity that a lot of agencies aren't capitalizing on

Find Ryan on LinkedIn on his profile and company page.

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