E279 - How Brand Drives Your Marketing (Todd Duff - Innovations Branding House)

People define branding in a lot of different ways. However, the real goal of branding is that it should drive all of your marketing and how you present your company internally and externally.

On today's podcast, we have Todd Duff, CEO and Founder of Innovations Branding House, talk to us about How Brand Drives Your Marketing.

Todd Duff is the founder and CEO of Innovations Branding House, a nationally acclaimed, award-winning marketing firm. He restores. He creates. He improvises, and he innovates. And it all began out of his disdain at the thought of having to write a resume after college. He’s fascinated with the power of transformation, so he helps businesses harness it to transform their culture, team, and, ultimately, their entire brand.

In this episode, Todd covers:

  • Three pillars of marketing
  • Definition of Branding
  • How brand drives marketing
  • Why you need to start with branding before marketing tactics

Find Todd on his personal and company websites and LinkedIn on his profile and company pages.

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