E281 - How to Create Predictable Word of Mouth for Your Agency (Corey Quinn - Corey Quinn, Inc)

Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to get loyal clients, especially in today's world, where everybody is reading reviews and asking on social media for others' opinions.

So how can agencies set themselves up to get more word-of-mouth leads and clients?

On today's podcast, we have Corey Quinn from Corey Quinn, Inc to talk about us about how to create predictable word of mouth for your agency.

Corey covers:

  • His definition of word of mouth
  • Shoring up processes beyond just lead generation
  • Why agencies should become experts in one vertical
  • How specializing increases word-of-mouth opportunities
  • How to scale once you specialize

You can connect with Corey at https://www.coreyquinn.com

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