E282 - Why Agencies Need Marketing Leadership (Jennifer Zick - Authentic Brand)

Are you guilty of doing random acts of marketing?

I'm sure we've all done it as a reaction instead of being proactive with our marketing strategy.

On today's podcast, we have Jennifer Zick, founder of Authentic Brand, talk to us about why agencies need marketing leadership. Jennifer's agency is a community of fractional CMOs that help agencies overcome random acts of marketing and grow their business.

Jennifer covers:

  • What is marketing leadership, and why do you need it?
  • Different phases of business and when you need a strategic marketing leader
  • What happens when no one "owns" the marketing role in a business
  • How fractional CMOs can help you scale with lower risk
  • Benefits of working with a team of Fractional CMOs with differing skills and experience

You can find Jennifer on her website and on LinkedIn

Check out her agency client stories here:

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