E284 - 5 Reasons You Aren't Hitting Your Goals and How to Overcome Them (Jenna Piche - First Light Health)

On Today's podcast, we have Jenna Piche from First Light Health to discuss the 5 Reasons you aren't hitting your goals and how to overcome them.

In her past as a Digital Operations Manager for a marketing firm, Jenna's team struggled with accountability, focusing on the right things, and doing work in the most efficient way.

Now a Full Focus Certified Pro, Jenna is helping individuals and businesses focus on getting the right things done to show up as their best selves in work and in life. As part of this, She coaches people through the Full Focus System of goal achievement. With 15 years of marketing experience, she provides examples of each reason that agency owners can relate to and solutions for how to tackle them.

Jenna covers:

  • What’s the biggest hurdle that leads to anxiety and stress? (5:50)
  • The next hurdle is inescapable distractions. (9:22)
  • The power of the power of constraint. (15:01)
  • How to break the treadmill of the to-do list. (17:35)
  • Block out time in your calendar and honor it as a boundary (19:21)
  • How to overcome your distant dreams by making actionable plans. (24:32)
  • The power of focus is what helps you create progress and makes you feel good. (26:03)
  • The importance of finding the right system for your team. (28:45)

Find Jenna at @FirstLightHealth on Instagram & firstlighthealth.co and check out her webinar, "7 Steps for Creating and Crushing Your Goals in 2023"

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